Summer 2009

We spent 20 days in China starting in Beijing where we visited Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City where the Emperors lived. We visited the Great Wall, The Summer Palace, the Ming Tombs and the Sacred Way. We also saw a short version of a Peking Opera. We flew to Shabghai where we visited several factories and the Jade Buddha Temple. At night we cruised in the harbor and saw the buildings lit up with moving images. We had a ride on a Bullet Train at 120 mph and a Maglev Train at 240 mph. We visited the 3 Gorges Dam, traveling up river through the locks. A side trip on the Shennong Stream was by small boat rowed by several men all over the age of 50 and were they fit! At Chongqing we saw Pandas and at Xian, the terra cotta soldiers. That was amazing. During the trip we visited several temples and beautiful gardens. A 5 hour cruise on the Li River showed us some unique mountains. We had several days in Hong Kong enjoying the beautiful city. We took over 1000 pictures during the trip. Below is a very, very small sample.
As always, clicking on the image will give you a larger view.
The Great Wall north of Beijing was amazing. As you can see there were many visitors on the wall. The misty atmosphere is the result of pollution.
The 3 Gorges Dam was built for both electrical power and flood control. The government displaced 1.3 million people in the process.
There are 3 pits in Xian where the terra cotta soldies were discovered. Each pit is covered with a building to protect them. The Emperor had the army built for the afterlife. He equipped them with real swords and spears so the next Emperor broke in to outfit his army. Much work has been done to piece together the soldiers and their horses. They have not uncovered all the soldiers.
A 5 hour cruise on the Li River showed us some beautiful scenery and some amazing mountains.
Hong Kong is a gorgeous city with beautiful architecture and a wonderful harbor.