See what I'm doing in ceramics

So what is all this? Houses, boxes, sarcophagi in clay? Clearly there are themes here, but where did they begin? The houses started innocently enough a few years ago when I made an open box you could stand a couple of envelopes in. I cut out a little arched doorway and added details to suggest a Spanish Hacienda. Then I got the idea of making boxes with trays and compartments inside for vitamins, so I wouldn't have the hassle of opening all those bottles every morning, and voila! I'm a slab builder mostly and have developed ways of keeping sheets of rolled clay workable for months. Part of the challenge of building these boxes is engineering them so the "stories" fit together, the compartments are big enough for your fingers and the roof fits. Clay shrinks and slabs can warp during firings, so sometimes things don't work. And then there's the glazing or oxide finishes. They also can have minds of their own, so the completed work can be surprising sometimes. Usually, I start with a vague notion--the number of compartments I'd like, a sense of whether I want a city building, something realistic or imaginary. Then I cut out the ground floor. From then on it's an improvisation, each decision leading to the next. The tomb boxes started in front of a huge Assyrian sarcophagus in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. How could I not want to create a symbol of mortality with my own personal touches? The white sarcophagus is the most satisfying to me so far. It has a rising sun on one end, ocean waves on the other, a resting lion (my astrological sign, though I'm not a believer) along one side and a disordered flower garden on the other. Two birds sing their hearts out at the ends. The cover doesn't quite fit appropriately enough. It holds my night vitamins in New York.
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These ceramics are a sample of the pots I produced at the Pt. Reyes workshop, "Magic Fire."

Here are some recent works, Raku and a tall vase.

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