Family Pictures
The pictures are small thumbnails so that they load faster. If you wish to see a picture in more detail, click on it to view it in a larger and clearer size.
It's been a while since this page was revised so the grand kids have changed a great deal. Chis and his family moved to Canada (Victoria) in the summer of 2006. Shannon has finished college at Potsdam and planning to move to Australia for her PhD..

We visited Chris and his family in Canada during the summer of 2007. This photo was taken on a hike in a local park.
Chris and Kari had a ride in Victoria for their wedding anniversery.
Here are the most recent pictures of the boys. They are a bit older than the image above.

Scott Mikkel
Shannon has graduated from college at Potsdam. She majored in comparative religion and anthropology and hopes to get a PhD in the future. Currently she is working in San Diego.
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