Jim's Pages - Art Works
I have worked in a variety of media to create beautiful and often useful objects Here are examples in the form of thumbnails. Click on the photo to enlarge it and hit the "back" button on your browser to return to the page.

This is a silver and malachite belt buckle. This is a stained glass coffee table done in a lily pond motif.

Marquetry or inlaid wood is a way of producing pictures using the colors and grains of the wood. I designed and built this clock over a 4 year period. The process is the most tedious activity one could imagine and I'll probably never do it again. Another way to produce pictures is obviously with a camera. Travels can especially inspire some excellent photographs. Here are two from our trip to Mongolia

Several years ago I purchased a digital camera. This wonderful tool allows one to not only take pictures but to manipulate them as well. Below are a series of photographs of Eucalyptus bark. I have over saturated the colors to produce some colorful abstractions.

I have worked in ceramics, on and off, ever since Karen introduced me to the medium. Here are some examples.

In the summer of 2002, we attended a pottery workshop in Pt. Reyes California doing beach pit firing. This method does not use glaze. The color comes from firing with seaweed, copper carbonate and cow dung.

For many years, beginning in the 1980's I have designed and produced Newsletters. First for the school district and the local Science Teacher's Association. I currently do four newsletters for the volunteers at the American Museum of Natural History, the American Folk Art Museum, and the Ali Forney Center all in New York. I also do the Ojai Valley Library Friends and Foundation Newsletter.

Most recently I have been designing websites. This site,to the immediate right, is the first one I developed. I have also done several for friends. An image of their homepage is shown to the right. If you click on the image, you will go to their site. You will have to use your back button or History to get back to this page.

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